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Emissions-conscious with the CO2 Calculator

Determine your CO2 emissions: quickly, easily and free of charge.

Our CO2 calculator is currently under construction and will be expanded regularly. Please check back often.

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Our Goal with the CO2 Calculator

Full of energy, zero emissions!

At ENIT, we want to make a great contribution to a clean and emission-free environment. As the start of our new product line, our CO2 calculator is the first step into this new world. It helps you to convert your energy consumption into emissions: For greater transparency and a better understanding of your emissions.

News About the CO2 Calculator

Get news about the CO2 calculator. Since we would like to expand and improve our CO2 calculator bit by bit, please feel free to give us feedback. Because our goal is to design the CO2 calculator according to your needs.

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Screenshot of the CO2 calculator


The first version of our CO2 calculator is here! In this version you can convert your electricity and heat consumption into CO2 emissions and display them in tabular form: For a first overview!

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