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Energy Monitoring,

Easier Than Ever

Monitor your energy consumption flexible and maximally compatible. 

  • Which plant is consuming the most right now?
  • Is our transformer overloaded?
  • What was our standby consumption last Sunday?
  • When was the last load peak?


Take a look at our software to answer these or similar questions immediately. Let our software speak for itself.

Highlights from our Software

The following analysis tools are available 

All Benefits at a Glance

Install the ENIT Agent simply and without high investment costs via Plug-and-Play and after a few hours it delivers the first data. 
Connect as many submeters as you like to the ENIT Agent!
With maximum flexibility, it is compatible with almost all meters on the market.
You receive recommendations for action from us via monthly evaluations.
The complete system is standard compliant with ISO 50001.
All hardware and software components can be subsidized by BAFA.

Let us convince you now

Click here for the software demo

Energy Key Figures

  • Automatic calculation of energy ratios
  • Free creation of products or other relationship variables (e.g. turnover, employees)

Peak Load Analysis

  • Peak load memory of the main meter
  • Cost analysis of peak loads in the annual overview
  • Operating status of the plants during the peak load in various diagrams
  • Real-time load forecast
  • Peak load forecast alarm by e-mail

The Following Dashboards and Widgets Are Available to You

  • ABC analys
  • Area diagram
  • Tables
  • Pie chart
  • Sankey diagram