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Updated Every Month:

Your Individual Reporting

Get all relevant energy reports of your company as PDF. 

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All Relevant Energy Reports in your Company at a Glance

Analyses are time-consuming - and often enough there is simply not enough time.

With the ENIT Energy Report, you receive a comprehensive, structured overview of all recorded data in your company. From the transfer meter to the sub-meter - and new every month.

Sample table of contents of a report:

  1. Annual view of real work reference
  2. Monthly view of energy distribution in the Sankey diagram
  3. Monthly view of active power at the transfer meter
  4. Monthly view of energy mix from purchased electricity and own generation
  5. Weekly view of active power and peak load
  6. Electrotechnical analysis - symmetry of the phase currents


We present your energy consumption in clear meter reading tables. In addition, the report contains evaluations relevant to the energy industry, such as the load peak at the transfer meter, the load curve, and electrotechnical parameters.