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Measurement of all media

In cooperation with selected partners from the measurement technology sector, we aim to offer you the most comprehensive data acquisition possible.

Let us accompany you in taking your measurement equipment to the next level for the changing energy landscape.

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Here you can learn how the data acquisition with the ENIT Agent works

Why integrate other media into energy monitoring system?

  1. Monitoring of energy flows and cost control
    The measured values can be used to control the various cost centers. The measured values also provide an excellent basis within the scope of certifications and as a basis for calculating CO2 balances. The occurrence of leakages is detected in the shortest possible time through targeted monitoring and is thus the basis for cost avoidance.
  2. Volatile energy prices & introduction of CO2 tax
    In 2021, there was extreme volatility in price trends on the energy markets. With the integration of an increasing CO2 tax, rising prices for the energy sector can be expected in the coming years. This gives the efficient use of all energy sources a decisive role in keeping energy costs low in the long term.
  3. All measurements at a glance and create links
    By integrating the measurement data into the ENIT Agent you get a holistic view of your energy flows.
  4. No brand commitment
    We have no obligations to suppliers of metering technology. Therefore, we can assess each situation individually and can recommend the most suitable metering technology for your circumstances.

What media can we incorporate?

Electricity Metering

Flow Metering

Heatand Cold Metering

The systematic recording of electricity flows is the cornerstone for more transparency in your company. The result is an optimal starting position for making well-founded decisions on energy efficiency measures and achieving energy savings. Systematic recording also lays the foundation for regular audits and certifications.Through the targeted use of meter technology, you can obtain a comprehensive picture of the various energy flows in your company. With flow measurement, it is possible to record the volume flow in your systems. In addition to flow rate and total consumption, the measurement also includes supplementary parameters such as speed, temperature and pressure. With our help you can record the flow of water, natural gas, air and hydrogen in your company. If you need measurement technology for other media, please contact us!If, in addition to the flow rate, you are also interested in the energy flows in your company, we can also help you. By using heat meters, it is possible to carry out heat, cold and combination measurements. Based on this data, you can consistently improve your energy efficiency.
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Together with us, define the requirements for the measurement technology you need. We take a look at the current state, gather the required information together with you and plan which measurements have the maximum benefit for your company.

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Auf Basis der in Schritt 1 definierten Messanforderungen stellen wir die geeignete Messtechnik für Sie zusammen.

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The on-site installation is in your hands. If required, we can gladly organize support for the installation together with you. Once the device is installed, we take over the integration and configuration in the energy monitoring software.

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Continuous measurements provide you with a comprehensive picture of the energy flows in your company. On this basis, you have everything in view and can derive concrete data-based measures together with us to meet energy-efficient requirements.