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Audits and ISO 50.001

Your individual energy and environmental management system as a solution for systematic quality improvement

Minimise effort

Minimise Effort

Through our support, we minimise the effort you face year after year in the recertification process.

Conserve Resources

ENIT accelerates, saves resources and provides security through the uncomplicated and transparent provision of data

Achieve Climate Goals

Make a positive contribution to the sustainability goals of our time by reducing your CO2 emissions.

Improve Image

Image improvement through demonstration of environmental awareness.

Share Progress

Give your energy advisor or auditor convenient and secure access to the software for efficient processing.

Benefit Fiscally

Make use of fiscally benefits as SpaEfV or BesAR

Do You Need Energy Monitoring?

Can you answer "yes" to one of the following questions? Then you should consider the introduction of an energy management system:  

  1. You are obliged to conduct an energy audit according to the EDL-G § 8 (Energy Services Act)?
  2. Your company has an annual electricity consumption of over 10 GWh and you are eligible for a cap on the EEG levy?
  3. You have the possibility to have your electricity tax refunded annually by means of a peak adjustment because you are an electricity-intensive company?
  4. You want to contribute to the sustainability goals of our time and reduce your CO2 emissions? 

Softwaresupport by:

  • Listing and presentation of energy consumption
  • Measurement concept planning
  • Sankey diagram 
  • ABC Analysis
  • Energy key figures
  • CSV export
ISO Plan


Together with us to the correct energy assessment. Responsibilities, EnPIs, energy targets and action plans. Bring structure to your project.



Potential improvements are targeted and implemented. The clear action plans and ENIT's data-driven decision-making basis optimise the process of implementation.

ISO Check


The implemented measures are checked for their effectiveness. The solid data basis facilitates this step by allowing targets to be compared with results.



Continuous measurements are broken down in reports. The energy-related performance and the energy management system could always be reflected and improved on this basis in a data-based manner.