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Generate Your Own Energy with Photovoltaic Systems

Your solution for reducing CO2 emissions and financial security compared to the energy market.  

Experienced Partners

Cooperation with proven partners who specialise in turnkey planning and construction of high-quality PV systems as well as their management.

Rapid Amortisation

Payback periods of 3-4 years on average

Individual Design

From the initial potential analysis to the creation of simulations, your design is always individually adapted to your available roofs and load profile.

Flexible Financing

Various financing models from self-financing to contracting and leasing models

When is photovoltaics worthwhile?

After numerous discussions with our customers and partners, we agree:

PV is profitable!   

At least if you can confirm the following statements:  

  1. Your energy price is above 13 ct / kWh.
  2. You have no exemption from EEG surcharges. 
  3. You have a roof area (or open space/carport) of more than 500 m2 available? 
  4. You consume more than 80 MWh of electricity and at least 60 MWh of it during the day. 
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Average potential of over 1 MWp per customer 

We suspected that these conditions applied to the majority of our customers, so we analysed our customers' roofs and discovered an average potential of around 1 MWp per site.