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Guided Analyses, that look deeper

Uncover the potentials that let you save even more energy. 

With our selection of different analyses, we look at specific potentials together with you to create recommandations for action.

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Details on the individual analyses can be found below.

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Statistical Savings Potential Analysis 

The analysis uses statistical algorithms to examine the characteristics of the load profile at the transfer meter. From this, the potential for monetary savings in terms of active energy and peak load is derived and summarized in a management summary.

  • Helps to classify the potential and costs/benefits of energy management. 
    Provides an initial indication of which cost drivers of the electricity bill (active energy, peak loads, reactive energy) are worth focusing on with regard to optimization. 


When considering energy losses, new investments in the plant park or energy optimization of the entire electrical system in the industrial company, it is worth taking a look at the condition and operation of the transformers. 

  • Analysis of the transformer load and the operating point   
  • Checking the PowerQuality with the help of electrotechnical parameters 
  • Checking the load distribution with several transformers 
  • Determination of the transformer losses
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Good voltage quality cannot be taken for granted.  

Deviations from the standard can range from increased wear due to heating or mechanical stress to machine failures and fire hazards due to overloads.

  • Testing of the criteria and limit values specified in DIN EN 50160 (including mains frequency, voltage level, mains-synchronous overvoltages). 
  • Verification of the limit values for the total harmonic distortion (THD) and individual harmonics. 


Often, companies only have the operating plans or a "gut feeling" at their disposal to grasp the energy consumption of an entire plant landscape away from normal productive operation. How high the accumulated standby consumption actually is can be easily recorded by our analysis:

  • Investigation of active power at the transfer meter and formation of operating characteristics 
  • Identification of standby loads and their level 
  • Summary of the level of standby marginal load, aggregated duration in standby and energy costs for standby in management summary 
  • If data from additional sub-metering points are available, the analysis can be applied to selected sub-meters as well as to all metering points, allowing for a final consolidation of results. 

Operating Hours Analysis 

With this statistical analysis of the utilization of operating resources, savings potentials can be found by reducing organization-related idle times of machines and systems. Machine-related process costs arise from processes such as care, maintenance, handling malfunctions and downtime, support, etc., and should be kept as low as possible for efficient use.

  • Investigation of active power data at measuring points of machines or the most diverse equipment 
  • Identification of unproductive idle times