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Six simple steps to your offer

  1. Select full version or basic version
  2. Select the number of sites
  3. Specify your electricity/gas consumption
  4. Specify your number of submeters
  5. Optionally select additional services such as an on-site consultation
  6. Enter your contact details and, if necessary, further explanations in text field

We will contact you as soon as possible with a non-binding offer!


Please choose the duration of your contract
  • Pre-configuration of ENIT Agent and software
  • Supply of hardware, software full version
  • Hosting, backup, support
  • Real-time data acquisition
  • Monthly report on energy consumption in pdf format
  • Add any number of metering points
  • Quick start
  • Automated display
  • Minimum term 3 months, thereafter cancellable monthly
  • Pre-configuration of ENIT Agent and software
  • Supply of hardware, software full version
  • Hosting, backup, support
  • Minimum term 12 months, thereafter cancellable monthly

How many sites should be included in the test phase?

If you want to equip several sites with an energy management system, please contact our sales department directly so that we can provide you with the best individual offer.

Annual electricity consumption at the site

If your main energy consumption is from media other than electricity, please contact us for a quote.

The number of your digital submeters can reduce costs

Additional Services

Your Quote

    Your costs for 3 months

    Configuration: 2450€
    Monthly fee: 395€ x3
    On-site consultation: 1250
    In total: 3635

    • any amount of measuring points
    • incl. all media
    • any amount of users

    Price on request: In order to offer you an individual quote, please contact us.

    Your costs

    Thank you for your request! We will contact you as soon as possible!

    Can't find a suitable selection option?

    You are welcome to send us your specific requirements simply here via the text field in our contact form


    More than a 3 month test phase?

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    Your Project with ENIT

    Our offer for you:

    • BAFA-sponsorded purchase
    • Peak shaving
    • ISO 50.001 / Audits
    • Electricity volume delimitation
    • Electricity- / gas supply
    • PV self-generation

    Combinable with test phase 3 months full version!

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    Our Free Offers for You

    • ENIT Agent demo-version
    • measurement conept-planner
    • CO2-calculator

    Discover our analysis, service and hardware offers:

    DIN rail meter, transducer, calibrated electricity meter, m-bus electricity meter, modbus electricity meter etc.

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    Typical questions from our customers:

    The start with the ENIT Agent is easy and fast. We produced the system in a way so that there's not much to do to put the system into operation without any technical knowledge. The configuration is ENIT's part, so that the data acquisition can start the same day.

    At ENIT the "Operations Team" is responsible for project and customer support. As a customer you're assigned a personal contact who is one of our project engineers.

    It's very important to us to use the already given measurement infrastructure. To create the economically best measurement concept for you we check exactly which hardware is additionally necessary in your case.

    Yes, not only data from electricity readers can be visualized. It can also take data from gas, water, heat and pressure meters and visualize them.