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Emissions-conscious with the CO2 Calculator

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  • On-site workshop with all internal stakeholders in the company and our energy experts
  • Individual briefing on the use of the ENIT carbon (balancing software)
  • Inventory: define process standards/framework of the balancing process
  • Support with data collection
  • Initial balancing for one site (Scope 1 & 2, overview Scope 3)
  • Creation of a CO₂ report in PDF format
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Premium balance (incl. basic balance)

  • Further development of the basic balance and balance for additional sites
  • Deepening Scope 3
  • Preparation of balance sheets for individual products (Product Carbon Footprint)
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Climate strategy (incl. premium balance)

  • Based on premium balance: develop a long-term reduction strategy, to achieve climate neutrality
  • Implementation of individually tailored measures, e.g. revision of the logistics concept, PV project planning, energy efficiency measures, etc.
  • Management consulting and implementation support

If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to contact us:

Patrick Durst Mitarbeiter Technical Operations ENIT

Patrick Durst

Business Development Carbon

+49 (0) 761 458910-82

Ivonne Petit Mitarbeiterin Technical Operations ENIT

Ivonne Petit

Business Development Carbon