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The One Data Acquisition for All Measuring Instruments

Read quickly and easily existing measuring devices from various manufacturers. 


ENIT Agent - First Steps


ENIT Agent - First Steps

Advantage #1
An Incredibly Simple Start

Reduce your project planning costs: The ENIT Agent replaces three systems at once - logger, software and gateway. Because it does not need to be connected to a server or cloud, it is ready to go immediately. This way you save internal and hidden costs: data logger, operating systems, server hardware and cloud infrastructure are all included with us.

And best of all: You only need one ENIT agent per site
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The connection is that simple!

  • Integration of the EVU meter via an optical probe
  • Integration of existing meters
  • Commissioning in less than 10 minutes
  • No IT infrastructure necessary
  • Expandable step by step

Advantage #2 
Existing Measurement Devices – Integrated Without Problems!

Reduce costs and speed up data collection: ENIT Agent is compatible with all meters available on the market. To start with, include all your existing meters. If you want to add more later, we will support you. By extensively testing meters available on the market, we can recommend to you - completely independent of the manufacturer - exactly those that best fit your requirements in terms of price and performance. 

Advantage #3 
A Comprehensive Picture of Your Energy Consumption 

Capture data from all media: Our multi-division data capture gives you a fully comprehensive, transparent picture of your energy consumption. Whether compressed air, water, gas or heat: ENIT Agent not only records your electricity consumption, but all energy consumption in your company.

Get a non-binding quote for your data collection with ENIT Agent now in just a few steps:

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The Technical Details At a Glance:

Here you will find a selection of compatible meters and driver protocols. You don't find your existing meters in this list? Contact us and we will check if your equipment is compatible with ENIT Agent.

Compatible meters with stored data model:

  • Siemens  
  • Janitza 
  • KBR 
  • Socomec 
  • Hager 
  • Berg 
  • Celsa 

Compatible drivers:

  • Modbus RTU/TCP 
  • Modbus TCP Server 
  • M-Bus 
  • M-Bus TCP 
  • IEC 62058