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Energy Monitoring,

Easier Than Ever.

Monitor your energy consumption flexible and maximally compatible. 
  • Which plant is consuming the most right now?
  • Is our transformer overloaded?
  • What was our standby consumption last Sunday?
  • When was the last load peak?
  • Do harmonics disturb my network?

Take a look at our software to answer these or similar questions immediately. Let our software speak for itself.

Dashboardansicht der ENIT Agent Energiemanagement-Software

Test Our Demo Version Now Free of Charge and See for Yourself

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Install the ENIT Agent easily and without a lot of effort via plug-and-play and after a few hours you will receive the first data.

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Compatible with all meters

The ENIT Agent ist maximum flexible with almost all meters.

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Many submeters

Connect as many submeters with the ENIT Agent as you want!

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Norm compliant

The whole system is norm compliant with the ISO 50001.

ENIT Agent Energiemonitoring Software Datenerfassung

Highlights from our Software

The following analysis tools are available 
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Dashboardansicht der ENIT Agent Energiemanagement-Software

The Following Dashboards and Widgets Are Available to You

  • ABC analysis
  • Area diagram
  • Tables
  • Pie chart
  • Sankey diagram