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The Goal in Sight With the Measurement Concept Planner

The foundation for your holistic energy management. 


Beispiel eines Baumdiagramms zur Zaehlerhierarchie in der ENIT Software

Measurement Concept Planner

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Free of charge

ENIT plan, our measurement concept planner is and remains free of charge for you

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Create your measurement concept quickly and easily with already preconfigured fields

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Share your measurement concept with colleagues to work on it together

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Switch - as needed - between the topology view or the table view


Why Do I Need a Holistic Measurement Concept?

  • For compliance with legal requirements and regulations within the scope of certifications and audits
  • To take advantage of funding programs such as BAFA
  • For the efficient use of energy management software
  • For documentation and planning:
    • Inventory of the current situation
    • Planning of further measuring points
    • Creation of topologies and energy flow diagrams
    • Cooperation between departments, energy consultants and auditors

The energy management goal always in mind: How do we get you there?

  • Quick and easy graphical creation of your measurement concept
  • Topological representation of your consumers and installations
  • Export your measurement concept easily in Excel format
  • Individual consulting for the creation of your measurement concept
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First Steps With ENIT plan, the Measurement Concept Planner

  • Step-by-step video instructions for easy start-up 
  • Explanation of relevant functions 

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