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Accrual of Electricity Quantities

If you generate energy and give some of the electricity to subtenants, you may have to separate this amount from your consumption. 

Learn what you need to pay attention to and how we can support you so you don't have any additional costs.

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Do I Need to Demarcate?

  • Am I obliged to measure the electricity consumption of my subtenant in accordance with law?
  • What measurement technology do I have to use? 
  • Aren't the third party's consumptions still too low for delimitation to be necessary? 
  • How can I meet the requirements imposed on me by the legislator as cost-effectively as possible?

If you are not yet sure whether you have to delimit the quantities passed on (third-party electricity quantities), you will find useful information and a classification of the topic here. 

You Have to Delimit the Third-Party Electricity Quantities. What is to Be Done? 

The delimitation of third-party electricity quantities requires a measurement concept that complies with calibration law. There is no uniform regulation on how to meet the requirements for measurement in conformity with calibration law. Which measurement technology is to be used depends in particular on the authority responsible for the respective accrual as well as your application and should be checked individually.

We will be happy to support you in selecting the appropriate meter and transducer.

How can we support you?

To be able to keep on profiting from your self-consumption we create the economic solution. We'd like to help you and check your individual case.

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Creation of a Measurement Concept

A complete measurement concept specifically designed for your application in compliance with calibration law. This includes:

  • Analysis of your situation on the basis of the current legal conditions
  • Manufacturer-independent selection of the measurement technology that complies with calibration law and is optimal for you
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Provision of the Data

Provision of the required documents and data so that your company can comply with the reporting obligations towards the transmission system operator and authorities and is prepared for a possible audit.

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Optional On-Site Consultation

If desired, on-site consultation at your premises.