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Energy Supply for Industrial Customers

Your solution for reducing your CO2 emissions and transparent pricing.

We work with selected energy supply-partners to give you a holistic offer.

Learn more about the two options, CO2-neutral energy supply and coupling to the stock exchange price, and get in contact with you're interested.

We Talked to the Middle Class Industry and Learned a Lot:

  • Energy supply for industry customers is non-transparent in contrast to the private sector
  • A lot of ignorance about the margins of the energy suppliers
  • Often there's a commitment to fixed prices, although the stock exchange price is way lower than the fixed price (see picture)

We want to change that together with you!

Strompreisuebersicht ENIT Kunden

Electricity Prices of Our Customers 

  • We asked some of our customers : energy prices range from 2.8 to 5.6 ct /kWh. 
  • The average exchange price in the period under review (Nov 2020) was 3.54 ct / kWh.  

Finding: So many of our industrial customers have lost money

We Talked to the SME Industry and This Is What We Found Out: 

  • Energy supply for industrial customers is non-transparent, in contrast to the private sector 
  • Majority lack of knowledge about the margins of energy suppliers 
  • Often years of commitment to fixed prices  

We want to change that. 


How Can We Support You? 

a) CO2-Neutral Energy Procurement 

By switching to a transparent green electricity provider, you become a pioneer on the path to achieving our climate goals. 

To this end, we have closely examined the market of green electricity suppliers and held many discussions. This is what we found out: 

  • Unfortunately, there is a lot of green-washing of grey electricity through the purchase of certificates. 
  • When it comes to supplying industrial companies, there are very few genuine green electricity suppliers. 
  • It is difficult to keep track of all the different certificates because there are so many of them. 

 We are very happy to share our experience with you! 

Your advantages: Reduction of your CO2 emissions and transparent pricing 

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b) Benefit From the Stock Exchange Price

If you do not want to use a pure green power supplier, we recommend purchasing your energy on the spot market for maximum transparency.  

Basically, this type of supply has the following advantages for you: 

  • Take advantage of any flexibility in your business. If very low or even negative electricity prices are announced for the coming night, you can still ramp up additional plants or charge all your e-cars and simply earn money by purchasing electricity as well. 
  • Simple contract negotiation with the supplier, as only the service fee is negotiated. 
  • Benefit from the combination of real-time capability of our monitoring to adjust your consumption to the spot market price. 

Your advantages: Maximum flexibility, benefit from low electricity prices and transparent pricing.

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