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Reduce Energy Costs through Peak Shaving

Avoid expensive peak loads in the future through transparency and targeted measures.

We offer you two ways of Peak Shaving.

1. Our peak load-app

2. Load management workshop

Mitarbeiter Chris von ENIT zeigt Kunde Energiemangement-Software auf Desktop

Step #1 Transparency

  • When is there a peak load occuring?
  • What's the state of the factory during that?
  • Which system is responsible? How is the peak load put together? 
  • Which degrees of freedom are there?
  • How high are the costs or the use of a shut down? 
  • What are the costs of a peak load? 

With the help of our software you find all answers at a glance.

Try now in the demo

Step#2 Realising measures

During a workshop we work on measures to reduce you peaks.

For that we follow this scheme step by step.

To the workshop

Examples of possible projects for peak shaving
  • Dynamic load management of the systems
  • Control of wallbox/charging stations
  • Installation of battery storage
Dashboaransicht der Lastspitzenapp von ENITÖffnet Video in Overlay

What is a Peak Load?

We look at our peak load-app and explain what a peak load is and how they can be analysed with the use of the dashboard.

Find out here when and why load peaks occur: 

In our demo you can try the peak load-app.

Try demo here