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ENIT Racing Team

It all started at the end of 2015 with a joint training group in colorful jerseys. At that time we said it would be great if we could start in races in the same jersey and also show real teamwork. Since then a lot has happened...

ENIT Racing Team

Who we are

Since the 2016 season, the team with 13 riders from the region and ENIT as the main sponsor has been on the road in the amateur racing scene as the RSV Ebnet racing team. The orientation of the team aims to create a basis for common and sustainable fun in ambitious cycling.


ENIT Racing Team

What we do

The core activity of the team is amateur/elite licensed cycling races with a focus on the South Baden area. However, the proximity to France also allows some starts on French terrain.

The race calendar also includes numerous cycling marathon events in the Alps, mountain bike races in the Black Forest, local triathlons and runs, and cross-country ski races.

ENIT Allstar Ride

We like to experience the fantastic routes like remote Black Forest roads or vineyard terraces in the Kaiserstuhl together with our friends, colleagues or simply interested beginners. For this purpose we regularly invite to our "ENIT Allstar-Ride", which starts at the office after work.

The speed and the route are very beginner-friendly (1,5h-2h/flat average approx. 25 km/h) - so don't be shy! Everyone is welcome to join us and we look forward to seeing new faces. Just bring your bike, helmet and fun!

ENIT Racing Team