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Chronologische Aufgabenbeschreibung fuer eine BAFA Foerderung mit ENIT

How does ENIT suppport with BAFA Funding?

The way of application to the receive of the payout follows the presented scheme. ENIT already successfully went this way with a lot of companies. We help you with filling the forms so you get the maximum possible funding with the launch of you energymanagement system.

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Amount of funding?

For the measures of module 3 above you can receive a funding of 30%.

Small and medium companies receive an additional funding of 10 percentage points.

That creates a maximum funding rate of 40% with a maximum funding of 10 mio. € per investment.

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40 % BAFA funding for your energy management system! What do I need to know now to profit?

In this video we show you important and helpful information about the BAFA funding for energy efficiency in economics, especially about module 3 MSR, sensors and energy management systems.