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CO2 Balancing - The Logical Complement to Energy Management

The issue of climate protection is becoming increasingly important not only in politics and society, but also in industry. Due to pressure from customers and political decisions, companies that ignore their emissions are threatened with legal and economic consequences in the future.  

For this reason, at the beginning of May, we at ENIT formed an internal task force explicitly for the further corporate development of the CO2 issue. In its business development work, the "Team Carbon" has set itself the goal of being able to make data-based strategic decisions in the "CO2" business field in the future and thereby diversify the product portfolio. Because at ENIT, innovation and progress in harmony with our environment come first - and we want to pass this on to our customers. 

The team started with a competitive analysis, which yielded exciting insights through interviews with industry experts and market companions. With the help of the interviews, the following questions were to be answered: Which products and providers already exist on the market? Is there already a suitable solution for the SME industry? The evaluation of the interviews showed that there is both a great need and a gap in the market in this area, because so far there is no suitable solution for small and medium-sized industrial companies. 

These findings were also confirmed during two webinars conducted by Team Carbon, as almost 80% of the participants stated that they had not yet prepared a carbon footprint for their company, or at least not a complete one, and that they also lacked the know-how to do so, as they are not in a position to record their Scope 3 emissions or need support in doing so. 

Team Carbon then continued to drive the development of our carbon accounting products through two surveys. The first survey was to find out what the most relevant product features of a carbon solution are for our target segment, and the second survey, regarding real-life purchase decisions of carbon accounting products, used the scientific method of Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC) to identify the combination of features best suited to our customers' needs. 

This diverse background research and market analysis paved the way for our brand new CO2 products, which we can now finally present!  

Basic balance

  • On-site meeting with workshop with all internal stakeholders
  • Inventory and process standards
  • Support with data collection
  • First balance formation Scope 1 and 2
  • Preparation of a CO2 report in PDF format

Premium balance (incl. basic balance)

  • Further development of the baseline assessment and additional sites
  • Deepening Scope 3
  • Preparation of balance sheets for individual products (Product Carbon Footprint)

Climate strategy (incl. premium balance)

  • On the basis of premium balance: development of a long-term reduction strategy to achieve climate neutrality.
  • Implementation of individually tailored measures, e.g. revision of the logistics concept, PV project planning, energy efficiency measures, etc.
  • Management consulting and implementation support


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