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CO2 Balancing with ENIT

ENIT now offers industrial customers options for CO2 balancing

Climate protection is an indispensable factor for sustainable and economically successful companies. ENIT offers you the opportunity to take a big step towards climate neutrality at an early stage and thus assume responsibility. Not only the environment, but also your employees, your finances, your customers and your reputation on the market will thank you.  

Already awarded a few years ago by the Heinrich Böll Foundation as the "Pearl of the Energy Turnaround", ENIT continues to generate great ideas around sustainable innovations and future-proof technologies that are driven forward with a lot of energy! For a planet that breathes a sigh of relief - and a competitive advantage that pays off in the long term.  

ENIT offers a wide range of products in the field of CO2 accounting and can thus combine experience and expertise in energy management with the power of research and progress towards transparent and climate-neutral business.  

The popular CO2 calculator, which can be used free of charge, is now supplemented by three consulting and balancing models that are tailored to the individual needs of your company:  

  1. With the Basic balance, you receive a personal workshop, training to help you collect data and take stock, and an initial assessment for one site.

  2. The Premium balance (incl. Basic balance) includes all components of the baseline balance and expands it to include additional locations, mapping of scope 3 values and the preparation of a balance for individual products (product carbon footprint). This is the only way to make the entire value chain transparent.

  3. If you really want to become a climate pioneer, our Climate Strategy offer (incl. Premium balance) is right for you: This provides you with an individual CO2 neutrality and climate strategy with concrete reduction targets as well as management consulting and implementation support.

All three models start with an on-site visit including a workshop with our team of experts.

Why we decided to offer CO2 balancing in addition to our energy monitoring, you can read here.

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