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Load peaks of our customers 2021 - Analysis

The topic of peak load reduction is still on the agenda of many companies as a cost-saving measure due to rising grid charges and electricity prices. We have therefore visualised and analysed the load peaks and consumption of some of our customers across the board and summarised the results for you (N=80 customer locations).

First, we looked at the month in which the highest load peak of 2021 occurred. On the one hand, the summer months, especially June, stand out. Additional consumers such as cooling units and air conditioners probably play a major role here. But December is also a month with an accumulation of load peaks, which is particularly tragic because the price for the highest load peak must then be paid retrospectively for the entire year. This means that special care must be taken to ensure that the "child does not fall into the well".

Months with the highest load peak - cross-customer analysis

Then we looked at how high the second highest load peak was for our customers. Most locations, not surprisingly, have the second highest load peak close to the highest load peak. So a deviation of less than 5 %. This suggests that the load peak did not occur due to a singular result and is therefore more difficult to reduce or avoid. However, we also found out that there is a high savings potential at some customer locations, as the highest load peak is to be considered a singular event (> 5 % higher than the second highest load peak). Organisational measures can often easily realise savings of more than 5,000€ here. As can be seen in the graph below, this applies to all customers above the red line.

Load peak reduction at second highest load peak depending on the load peak height
Load peak reduction at second highest load peak depending on the load peak height

If organisational measures are no longer sufficient, we are happy to assist you with advice and action and our dynamic load management ENIT act. Simply contact us or find out more about how we were able to save one of our customers more than €5,000 per year.

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