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Photovoltaics: 5 advantages for companies

Photovoltaic systems are being seen more and more frequently on company roofs and interest in them continues to grow. In this article, you will learn about the advantages of a PV system for companies and which regulations apply to the PV obligation in Baden-Württemberg, which has been in effect since this year.

PV obligation for companies

Since 01.01.2022, the installation obligation for photovoltaic systems on every new construction of non-residential buildings and parking lots from 35 parking spaces applies in Baden-Württemberg (see Climate Protection Act §8). From 01.01.2023, this obligation also applies to basic roof renovations, which means that sooner or later the topic of PV will come to every company.

Act early and benefit from a PV system now, and avoid complications later.

Five advantages for your company

Investing in a photovoltaic system will also benefit your company financially in the long term. The use of self-generated electricity brings a cost advantage of approx. 10 ct per kWh or you can have the unused electricity compensated. In addition, a PV system increases the value of your property through this one-time investment.

Not only does your company have a more positive impact on the environment through green electricity, you are also more independent of external energy supply and the associated price fluctuations of electricity providers through self-generation.

A PV system also increases your competitiveness in a market where the demand for products produced in a climate-friendly way continues to grow.

There is also a long-term image advantage associated with this, if you communicate to the outside world that you are a modern and open company that pays attention to the environment.
Laws are also becoming more and more stringent, as seen in the recent PV obligation for companies. Start planning your PV installation now, saves you the future difficulties due to bottlenecks, because of the high demand of PV installations.

Ein Dach mit einer PV-Anlage und LKWs, die davor parken

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