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Discover now our exciting results of the ENIT - SME Study (only in German available right now)

The study is intended to provide you with an insight into the field of energy management in industrial companies.

  • Which energy index are used most often?
  • Which energy certifications are the most common?
  • How high is the full cost electricity price in average?
  • How high is the average share of meters that are able to communicate?
  • How many companies create a carbon footprint?

Insight into the Energy Management for Industrial Companies

In autumn 2020 we asked our customers, small and medium-sized enterprises, about strategic questions as well as performance indicators all surrounding energy management.

Now we would like to share the results with you!

Compare yourself with the results of other companies regarding the process, methods and strategies for effective energy management.

Graphik zur Mittelstandsstudie in der ENIT-Software