Transformation concept

    Climate neutrality for your company

    How can you achieve climate neutrality as a company?

    Market and government requirements can become a challenge for companies. Factors such as CO2 emissions recording can become the basis for decisions when awarding contracts.

    To ensure that you as a company remain competitive in the future, you should prepare now for the requirements of tomorrow.

    We will be happy to accompany you on your path to climate neutrality!

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    Transformation concept? What is it anyway?

    A transformation concept or climate strategy is a plan of action that is drawn up to achieve climate neutrality for a company.
    As this project is a complex process and requires preparation and turnover time, climate neutrality cannot be achieved overnight.
    A carbon footprint is usually used as the basis for creating a transformation concept, as this provides information on the current status of the company.
    Together with our CO2 experts, we develop concrete measures and a timetable for achieving climate neutrality for your company.

    You can find more information about the transformation concept here.

    Your advantages at a glance

    IR customer-centered-customer-centricity


    Individual approach and specialization in complex supply chains in the manufacturing industry.



    Thanks to numerous long-standing partnerships, we enable you to implement comprehensive measures to reduce your emissions.



    The creation of the transformation concept is eligible for BAFA funding. We support you with the application process.



    We support you with data acquisition. We have numerous databases, industry expertise and measurement systems at our disposal.


    Transformation concept service

    Sequence of the transformation concept

    1. Actual state:
      The actual state is represented by a CO2 balance sheet, a corporate carbon footprint.
    2. Target definition:
      The declared targets must include greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. In addition, emissions should be reduced by at least 40% in the first ten years after the actual state has been determined.
    3. Action plan:
      The action plan is the most comprehensive part of a transformation concept.

    BAFA funding for transformation concept

    Status April 2024

    Overview of

    Small companies

    Medium-sized companies

    Large companies

    Company size

    <50 employees

    <500 employees

    >500 employees

    Funding level in % without IEEKN membership




    Funding amount in € without IEEKN membership

    Max. 60.000€

    Max. 60.000€

    Max. 60.000€

    Funding amount in % with IEEKN membership




    Funding amount in € with IEEKN membership

    Max. 90.000€

    Max. 90.000€

    Max. 90.000€


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