Knowledge about CO2 management

    Here you will find basic explanations onCO2 accounting, summaries of the current EU directives and lots of other helpful content on CO2 management. So that you have the knowledge you need to work on emissions transparency and your climate targets and to meet increasing customer and legal requirements.

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    ESG guidelines for sustainability reporting

    We have summarized the most important information on the EU directives for you here.

    Corporate carbon footprint (CCF)

    Interesting facts about the Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF), the CO2 balance for your company.


    Product carbon footprint (PCF)

    The most important knowledge about the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF).


    Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM)

    On this knowledge page, we explain what the EU CO2 border adjustment system means for your company.

    IR target-dart-target

    Transformation concept

    What is a transformation concept? How can you achieve your climate targets with your company? On this page you can find out everything you need to know about the transformation concept - including an explanatory video.

    IR module-modular

    The A to Z of CO2 management

    This glossary provides a compact explanation of all important terms, technical terms and abbreviations. For a quick overview.